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Iran, Economic Collapse, Arms Race to Follow !

Iran, Economic Collapse, Arms Race to Follow !

While the government in Tehran struggles with the second consecutive year of a shrinking economy, which is saddled by 40 percent inflation, a senior official at the International Monetary Fund said that the impact of tighter sanctions imposed by the United States will only accelerate economic decline. The Trump administration re-imposed sanctions against Iranian oil exports last November, and this month, May 2019, those who continue to buy Iranian oil will possibly suffer sanctions from the US.

These are the eight largest purchasers of oil from Tehran and they have bee put on notice. Iran exported 2.4 million barrels of oil each day until 2016, but US pressure and EU, Japan cooperation have driven the volume down to 1.4 million barrels a day. The Trump administration has said they want to drive it to zero – clearly an attempt to implode the economy of Tehran. Last year, Iran`s economy shrank by 3.9% and according to the IMF, it will shrink by a full 6 percent. The currency is much weaker and with galloping inflation, citizens have taken to the streets. Why is this happening? Why is Iran a target?

Classiarius.net Viewpoints below – We all want peace in the Middle East but keep in mind when Iran goes nuclear, 3 other states will follow.

The fear is that Iran will use advanced weapons, namely missiles armed with nuclear capabilities to take over the Arabian Peninsula. Circling into Saudi Arabia (have a look at a map), would be a game changer for the Shia world (which is about 15% of all Muslims) as it would trespass and control the heart of Sunni Islam, Mecca and Madina.

After interviewing several Sunni Muslims, we have come to the conclusion that this military build up in Iran can only result in an arms race in the Middle East. If Iran has a nuclear weapon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others will demand their own nuclear devices. Some of these states fully support radical Islam and if the wrong people take over, imagine the lack of self control when they all go to DEFCON 1 …. within weeks there will be Thermonuclear War.

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