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“I don’t want my kids to bear burden from N-Arms” Kim Jong Un

"I don't want my kids to bear burden from N-Arms" Kim Jong Un

In a pre-Summit conference, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told the US Secretary of State that he did not want his children to live under the burden of nuclear weapons. This comment was revealed on Saturday by a former CIA advisor who attended the talks with US officials. This could be a sign that the North Korean leader is willing to give up nuclear weapons and reach out to make peace in the region. This is interesting as it implies that North Korea could be putting its most valuable passion on the table for discussion. 

With the upcoming Tramp – Kim Summit on 27 and 28 of February, this week, the view for the US and the West is to see North Korea become a state much like Vietnam. This is of course a communist state with many ties to the West, and China that make it a strong tradings partner for all to see. 

This second summit, the first being in June of 2018 in Singapore, could be the one that brings Vietnam and the US closer together while China gets exactly what it needs, a more international North Korea that does not trigger an arms race in Asia. 

Think about it this way. If the US fails in the talks with North Korea, and Kim does develop more nuclear weapons, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and a host of other nations will be on that same path, as the new arms race in the region will spin out of control. So these meetings are truly important for the future of Asia. 

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