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Hubristic Globalist Elites Failed – Classiarius Has A Replacement

The Global Elite have been openly wondering why is the new world order, the system that rose up in the reconstruction of Europe and Asia after WII, designed at Bretton-Woods and underwritten by the United States since 1945, why is this system collapsing and giving way to tribalism and nationalism. Well the answer is simple, the Globalist Model is driven by elites have turned their backs on true liberal ideas – those ideas of free speech, voting rights and self determination. Globalists are the new aristocracy.

The past 30 years have been a vision of ambitious globalization that used technology and air transportation to bring the world together, to push it closer together. The ongoing consistency of expanding economic growth meant that we were communicating by smart phones with our families in New York, while hanging out in airport lounges in Beijing, Frankfurt and London. This system truly empowered the individual and brought with it a long list of benefits that we still enjoy today. This system will continue and benefit all nation states and peoples around the globe. 

However, the Globalist Model, the ideological project, driven by unelected policy-makers who have the stated goal of open borders for the entire Western world is  cheered on by pseudo-intellectuals and ideologues, this model and this project is now collapsing as it failed to deliver a peaceful and more liberal world. On the contrary, what The Globalists Model has delivered is a group of authoritarian leaders and unelected officials who seem to have little respect for rule of law.

Think about it, in the past decade, President Xi overturned the constitution in Beijing making himself President-for-Life while President Vladimir Putin has engineered a similar situation in Moscow. The leaders in Brussels are now dictating to Europeans what a European even is and those that have a differing opinion can be harassed and jailed for wrong-think. These leaders in Brussels were not elected, but they have incredible authority over the people in France, Germany and Italy.

Globalism depended on the United States as it invented the Bretton-Woods System, and more importantly, it supported the global trade system by protecting all trade with its Navy. The US which was once in the global management business, is now ending this relationship with the world. Note the book by Ian Bremmer, a GZero World, Each Country for Itself. The second reason the Globalist System if failing is that its second supporter  the European Union—is failing. In 10 years the United States will not manage the global system and the European Union will most likely be a shadow its current self with every country for itself.

The Globalist Era has been a Cultural and Creative Disappointment

The Global Elite have gotten richer and have become a global aristocracy as they are  global capitalists who live in a world far from the unemployed workers in the UK, France, Australia and the United States. So when people are confronted with Global Elites and their stagnant economies and broken promises, nationalism and populism become popular. What comes next?

There is good nationalism and bad nationalism. We at Classiarius believe the world will move to a new system which we call the Hybrid-Global Economic Nations in which immigration is measured, in which nations control their own elections and educational systems and “true globalization” and also with the added value of technology.

Modern technology can ultimately provide for a Globalization that will  interconnect all countries and all systems of travel, while at the same time ensuring prosperity for citizens in their homelands.  However, Sovereign states will must remain sovereign. It must be said that immigration existed in the 1850s, 1890s, the 1910s, the 1940s and the 1970s, and will always will. 

The real change will be a return to immigration that exists in a controlled manner and allows for those that have arrived in destination countries to be assimilated. 

Globalized nationalism is in the assent. The push back against globalism can be seen in almost every Western nation currently. 




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