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Huawei, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Huawei, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

It has become fashionable for many people around the world to virtue signal by saying that anything they have not read, or not studied is exotic and different so it must be good. And things that “they know” are by definition bad and should be rejected simply because it is a known danger, it is quantifiable. The exotic world of Chinese hardware companies like Huawei is actually cool, especially when a reporter can pronounce its name correctly in TV. But what about the government corporations and their ties to the military? This is  a question that is being asked recently.

This Chinese telecom giant along with ZTE have sold their goods since 2010 to a wide range of institutions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia only to suddenly be accused of being a security risk to said nations. The UK, Australia and the EU as well as companies in Japan have started talking about security risk.

Imagine the outrage of purchasing US equipment designed by a US company and the Pentagon with help from the CIA? Imagine the fear of risk by universities and public companies in Canada, Europe and Japan if they tried to buy this equipment. Well, these countries have purchased such equipment from China and it is costing billions to replace. Changing out the hardware for BT in the UK will cost the company over 1 billion pounds sterling. This is a big expenditure for this telcom giant.

Many counties are not blocking the telecom maker on national security grounds and are stopping it from bidding on new projects. This opens the door for Ericsson and Nokia to sell their products but will cause some price inflation. Still, the appeal of having all things Chinese is fading. Australia has purchased a large amount of the G4 equipment from China and is now second guessing its decision.

Exotic versus national security, this will be the balancing act for the future. 

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