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Hiker Found Alive After 6 Days – Protein Bars and Water Saved Him

Hiker Found Alive After 6 Days - Protein Bars and Water Saved Him

After 6 days of being lost in the deep woods of Arkansas, a hiker was found, after his family reported him missing. The 37 year old McClatchy, was on a trail in the Carney Creek Wilderness area, but ended up getting lost – he was hiking since June 1. The Texas native texted his mother to say he was fine but needed help, but cellphone service was not strong at all, so there was now way to pinpoint his location. He was found dehydrated but in good spirits, saying that he saw his rescuers as angels. The rescue team consisted of 35 people in total.

He was hiking well-known trails and was on the mountainous Buckeye Trail, which is in the wilderness area east of Mena, according the police. Hikers often walk these trails and if lost are usually found within hours. McClatchy said he had protein bars and bottled water with him but it is unclear how much he had consumed before getting lost.

Mr McClathy`s rescue comes just weeks after Amanda Eller was rescued in Maui after she went missing on a hike for 17 days. After find this lost hiker the search team took about 4 hours to bring him off the trail – he was in a deep wooded area – on a one wheeled rescue cart. A recent study showed that between 2005 and 2014, the average number of people killed in National Parks was about 120 per year but not from bears, getting lost or falling. Many drowned or were in auto accidents….not what you would expect.



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