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“He’s F—king destroyed this town” and the Reviled Mark Zuckerberg

"He's F---king destroyed this town" and the Reviled Mark Zuckerberg

There are now a series of articles that are being written by those who study the tech t gurus in San Francisco. According to one industry expert, “the only thing about San Francisco that changes faster than technology itself is the opinions that techies hold about one another.” While many of us are still wondering what will become of the Snowflakes and the Cancel Culture that has arisen from the 1990s – Jonathan Haidt explains the causes of this phenomenon – the real life applications turn into love then hate for the most important names in tech. Note that some tech giants are now canceling in-house meetings as some employees are offended by these firms hiring the wrong people – ex-military and others – that they find offensive.

Imagine the emotionally charged youth in San Francisco protesting today, loving tomorrow. Jack Dorsey is a horrible man for allowing President Trump to use Twitter, then becomes a hero for verbally destroying the new Facebook logo. Elon Musk is a brilliant man then is a slacker for smoking pot on a pod cast. And of course Zuckerberg is a brilliant thought leader but has not become reviled and is even been tagged with attacks from within – there have been several in-house scandals since 2016. Some of us strongly believe that Mr Zuckerberg will eventually be forced to make changes much like Bill Gates did when he was taken down by the US government.

And this of course brings up a series of questions and comments that point to a lost management system and some senior employees at the firm saying the CEO is “robotic” and sometimes without emotion. Clearly to say that he has destroyed the town of San Francisco is an overstatement that again, comes from someone raised in a world of those professionally frightened and offended by everything from milk to Snow White. CEO Zuckerberg will survive but he seems to be damaged now, and the question is when the changes come?



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