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Google`s Head of Internet Security – Ignore Cyber Scare Tactics

Google`s Head of Internet Security - Ignore Cyber Scare Tactics

Old Rules Work

A piece from CNBC on 9 February, 2019, gives the views of Heather Adkins who has served in the top privacy and security at Google for 16 years. Adkins has seen many key cyber events in recent years. There are examples of nation states attacking weak links, one example being the East Germans trying to break into UC Berkeley to try to capture military secrets. Nation states attack universities, government agencies and other sources of secrets, this happens all the time. She also goes on to say that old methods of attack keep resurfacing, such as malware and viruses.

They are structurally the same but the methods of sending them have changed. She said the old rules are the best rules for secure information in their systems. Rules such as keep your software up to date, and do not reuse the same password to avoid hacks. This is because criminals rely on simple hacks that exploit old software problems. The old rule of constantly changing a password is one of the best ways to keep others from breaking into your system.

According to Adkins, “Doing these well-known basics can still go a long way in being more secure.” Keep in mind that you must change passwords on a regular basis because when information is stolen, the data stolen frequently includes passwords and usernames. Hence the changing of passwords and other information must be changed regularly.

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