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Google Fined Under New EU Law – French Watchdog

Google Fined Under New EU Law - French Watchdog

The French watchdog, the National Data Protection Commission said on Monday that it fined the US firm Google. This internet giant was fined $57 million for “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent” regarding ad personalization for users. This law is designed to protect the public and according to the Commission, the users were not sufficiently informed.

As we have been told, the European Union has set in place, more speech control in the form of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, which came into force in May. We at Classiarius are concerned that the government overreach is only increasing in Europe and that speaking can be dangerous. Google said in a statement that it is “deeply committed” to transparency and user control as well as GDPR consent requirements and that they will be deciding their next steps. Look for more attacks on social media companies in the future as China and Russia platform alternative platforms.

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The issues that Google, Facebook and Twitter are facing in Europe are sometimes from a good place. For example, the use of personal information by these companies and the possibility that it can be sold or stolen by bad actors is real. Speech control has been an increasing problem in Europe, we will be updating on this subject in the future. Russia and other countries are asking that the data centers be moved to local areas near Moscow or St Petersburg. Surely this makes sense. However, in some cases, these European governments that are trying to control information are telling social media companies how to control information flow and what information is legal. This is an area in which we object.

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