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Google, Facebook – Elizabeth Warren Wants to Destroy Big Tech in 2020

Google Spending $25 Billion, Microsoft Spending $16 Billion

Imagine what presidential hopeful Sen Elizabeth Warren did for President Trump. She has threatened to dismantle the large technology giants if she is election in 2020. Is it possible that Trump now protects them and asks them to support free speech? Keep reading please. 

She has unveiled a plan to breakup the Big Tech firms, which of course is sending shock waves through San Francisco and Texas. But before you laugh, keep reading because she is now talking about a subject that Trump has been quiet about. 

Warren is now saying that as president, she would push for legislation to designate big online companies with revenues of $25 billion or more as “platform utilities” barred from owning “any participants on that platform.” The new “Techlash” is being injected into the 2020 election and these profit machines are now targets from both the right (free speech) and the left (taxes of 70 percent for the owners). 

Warren specifically mentioned Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp as well as Amazon as targets, while others cheer her on for companies selling data to third parties and at the same time, enjoying billions on profits. All of these firms will be targets now as they seem to be living in a bubble of massive wealth while owners ignore the US Constitutional rights of Americans, exemplified in the gathering of personal information on users.

Think back when the FBI questioned Bill Gates, forcing him to break down and cry before leaving the company that he founded, Microsoft. We could see Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress in the future, or even behind closed doors being interviewed by the FBI. Big tech in the US is now under pressure from the government.

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