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G20 in Osaka Japan – Some Unity but We Have a View

G20 in Osaka Japan - Some Unity but We Have a View

While we see the battles taking place in the press we realize the international politics is a place where people remain somewhat sane an are less opinionated. The G20 in Osaka was a platform for Japan and its Prime Minister Shinzou Abe to show the world that Japan is a new leader in Asia and a country that is building trust and friendship with all nations in Europe, the Far East and of course in North America. But the US and China were the standout team at G20, the two battling out the details of the trade war and the press, looking for something positive, jumped on the meetings and results before anyone could truly digest the true outcome.

The PM, Mr Abe, always the positive leader said that the G20 members were determined to foster economic growth but IMF managing director, Christine Legarde made her voice heard by saying that a “rough patch” was evident. Still, we have a view. 

Our View: We study geopolitics and feel that the current global system, the Bretton Woods System, is experiencing obvious fractures, and is now resulting in countries like Russia, Brazil, China and others fading away from the models of multilateralism that dominated the 1970s to 1990s. The US was the leader or police of this system but is now shutting it down and walking away. And now one else wants to take the job, no one wants to manage the world. 

At the same time, many countries are not willing to give up their nations, nor their right to vote. 

The G2o is a great organization but the notion that some countries must give up their sovereignty, especially countries like Japan, South Korea and China – Russia and India too – is completely out of the question when we interview citizens of these countries. Have a look at the book GZero World….it all makes sense now. The EU came under attack from Mr Putin and now they are firing back at the strongly opinionated Putin. 



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