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G-20 News. Trump Demands Free Speech, Merkel and Macron Request Speech Control

G-20 News. Trump Demands Free Speech, Merkel and Macron Request Speech Control

Trump forces his haters, both Macron and Merkel, to admit to speech control at G20 when they start declaring “taboo words” be omitted from the  communique.

As we well know, there are always a series of wonderful words lined up to make the G20 meeting look like a happy family who are working together to promote the agenda – in a warm and friendly way – of the to 20 economies around the world. Well, we knew something would change in the Argentina meeting of the Group of 20 leaders this weekend, the two day meeting started on Friday. Of course, the news that Russia was kidnapping Ukrainian sailors and President Trump and President Xi would be having tough meetings to discuss a possible trade solution before US tariffs are increased next month. It seems the usual agenda would be put on the back burner – note that French leader Macron wanted to talk about the Saudi journalist who was apparently murdered in Turkey.

But it looks like the United States and Japan hijacked the G20, in a clever and James Bond-esque manner. Going into the meeting, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe asserted that the WTO, World Trade Organization was engaging in unfair practices and that this entire system should be revamped. Of course, the United States has made this claim for years and President Trump has gone as far as saying that the United States, a true supporter of the WTO since its inception, was considering pulling out. It is important to note that the US and Japan have close trade ties and pulling out of multi-lateral systems would in the end benefit them both – there are articles and audiovisual packages we will be doing in this subject in the future.

The Speech Control Police from Europe requested “taboo words” be rejected in the final communique. Merkel wants to put her Frankfurt School imprint on the G20 as this will be her last one before she retires.

But in a clever twist the US and Japan drove the WTO discussion into the G20 while at the same time kicking both Germany and France to the curb. Japan wants, like the US, fair trade. They ignored Macron and Merkel and in a Trump-stunt, US President Trump was seated right in front of German Chancellor Merkel, just there staring her down. Note that breaking down and rebuilding the WTO would give the United States and her allies, the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan an advantage while marginalizing both Germany and China.

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