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French PM Macron Needs to Understand the People

French PM Macron Needs to Understand the People

PM Marcon busted his budget after realizing that he is completely out of touch with the people and that having a core political base on both a national level and a local level is important. His party and his election are a new experiment for the French people, and we must note that there are not 20 or 30 towns and cities around the country that support him politically and thus connect with him in terms of information transfer. As a result, he does not know the thoughts and minds of the people 200 kilometers outside of Paris. In his policy mix he cut taxes for the wealthy then increased taxes for the working class and the working poor. This sent a clear message that he was disconnected from the people, especially those in the rural areas. Hence the yellow jackets showing up in major cities and protesting.

But his sudden change of heart has sent a shock wave through the core of the European Union – the French and German connection. This core relationship is by far the most important for the survival of the European Union and busting his budget sends a message to Germany that there may be fractures in the relationship. In the coming weeks, Mr Macron will be on the front foot, working with the people in terms of building a information bridge and connecting with the masses both in the major cities and the countryside. He must connect to ensure that the Republic is properly managed.

We will be writing about Brexit, France, Germany and the future of the European Union in the coming weeks and months. It will surely be a core point of discussion as it is a major geopolitical and geo-economic hub that deserves global attention. 

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