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Free Speech Universities – Trump Fires Back

On February 19,  Hayden Williams was practicing his right to free speech on Cal Berkeley’s campus when without warning, he was viciously attacked.

President Trump suggested to the young man that he sue both the attacker and the university for infringement of his rights as a US citizen as the university is a public institution that is obliged to ensure the free speech of students and of course their safety on campus. 

Trump invited the young free speech activist on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference and vowed to support free speech on campuses across the nation. 

A growing number of colleges and universities in the US have been struggling with, especially in the past decade, the tension created by the powerful and growing presence of the left-leaning administrators who feel they should, under the guise of protecting the feelings of students, strictly control what information is allowed to flow on campus.  

All evidence points to the faculty, administrators and professors, demanding higher salaries while limiting  ideas and discourse to the center left and far left side of the political spectrum.

US university student outlays have risen 1100 percent since 1975, while a group of what many call, authoritarian elites have enjoyed salary inflation. 

The Diversity and Inclusion czar at one California university makes $400,000 a year and is tasked with reminding students that “free speech” is harmful and then directs them to safe spaces if they are damaged by the very sight of a MAGA hat or offended by someone who disagrees with their opinions. 

These universities have Banned Books Week in September, a national festival in which they promote books that students are made to believe, are banned elsewhere.

But it is easy to see where these government paid university administrators get their ideas. When Josef Stalin introduced ice cream to the Soviet Union, rumors were spread that ice cream was banned in the US and Europe – imagine how much better that ice cream tasted to the young believers of the Socialist philosophy when they were led to believe that in eating it, they were special. 

The First Amendment to the US Constitution was specifically designed to protect the citizen and his or her rights with regards to the government. This document states the individuals shall not be deprived or abridged in their right to speak.

Well for those who demand free speech, here comes Donald Trump.

On Saturday, President Trump said he would sign an executive order that would require US Universities that receive Federal Government funds for research, to ensure all forms of Free Speech.

Keep in mind that these universities have invested millions on new dormitories, sports facilities and even high end eating halls to attract top quality students from the US and abroad. And the government gives billions to these same schools each year.

The list would include Yale, University of Michigan, MIT, UCLA, Harvard, Penn State, Johns Hopkins and Stanford – and there are many more. These institutions now receive $400 million to $2 billion a year from the federal government. Although there are 20 universities in this top bracket, the government funds a core of 115 universities – now all are at risk if they continue to impede the flow of information and attempt to curtail the rights of students to say and have opinions that run contrary to the establishment narrative. 



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