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Free Speech, Economic Facts – Under Threat

Free Speech and The Economy (Video - Megan Kelly, Trump Free Speech)

In the wake of Megan Kelly losing her job, not for wearing black face to imitate black people, but for being what seems to be the first person to become a target for talking about it. But in these hypersensitive times when the rage culture is looking for one misspoken word to virtue signal and more importantly, to be aggrieved for people they do not know, nor have the permission for whom to do so, every member of the press is now fair game.

Members of the staff who worked with Megan Kelly, all left leaning and from where we sit voting Democrat Party news professionals, were all in attack mode pointing out that her comments were indefensible. Megan Kelly, the poster child for the left during the 2016 Presidential election, the one who used her position to point mob rage in the direction of then candidate Trump, herself becoming a target for the main stream media rage machine. 

This takes us to President Donald Trump, and recent comments on employment in the United States. How are these two topics linked? Well right now, they are not actually, but we will explain why they could be in the future. 

Given the history of racial division in the United States and the underclass of color that resulted from said division, it makes sense that US economic releases were always measured and talked about in ethnic or racial terms.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes US unemployment reports each month and there are components such as African American, Asian American and Hispanic American pools of data that show the broad population versus specific ethnic groups. But recently, while making a speech, President Donald Trump pointed out that black unemployment in the US was at its lowest level in reported history. Asian unemployment is far below other groups as well. These numbers were embraced by the press – the left leaning press – to show that higher levels of unemployment meant the oppressor was winning. This makes sense until the press decides, just when the Hispanic, African American and Asian American numbers are at historical lows, that Donald Trump is unfair for even mentioning these facts – facts published by the US government that are historically used to defend minority rights. What happens when Trump is not allowed to confirm government figures that show minorities are suddenly enjoying economic success?

Let’s look  at the facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Currently, as reported in the US labor statistics, the overall unemployment rate is 3.7%, the lowest since 1969, with Whites at 3.3%, Blacks at 6.2%, Hispanics at 4.4% and Asians at 3.2%. While several decades ago these numbers for minorities were at 15% or higher, and of course used to demonstrate the unfairness in society, these same numbers are now inconvenient, especially with Asians having only 3.2 percent unemployment while the overall population is at 3.7%. Black unemployment is 6.2% in the US while overall unemployment in France is 9.1% and in Spain it currently stands at 14.22%. Surely the left leaning governments in Europe are not excited about the US employment rate for Asians, Hispanics and African Americans. 

But the main stream media are not happy about President Trump delivering basic economic news and government approved because they just do not like the numbers. And we are not the first to notice that with such record low unemployment numbers, some minorities are not even mentioned in the press.

And before we discount this idea, imagine in the next 3 to 5 years, in an economy where stated facts become a burden on news casters and they are not allowed to talk about the successes of presidents they do not agree with politically. Imagine a world in which employment figures are so good, that the news rage machine those fits each time the US President points out that people, almost all people have a job. The question will be why are facts and data that show progress in society suddenly discounted and rejected by progressives?



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