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France`s Macron Calls for Europe to Fight Nationalists and Foreign Powers

France`s Macron Calls for Europe to Fight Nationalists and Foreign Powers

After 5 months of protests in the streets, the unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron announced new proposals to defend Europe, actually the European Union (EU Superstate) from foreign powers, cyber crime and political manipulation as nationalism and populism take hold before the upcoming European Parliament elections. Brexit and the EU elections are coming soon, and he seems to be somewhat concerned.

The French President published a letter, an open letter to media outlets saying that Brexit was in trouble and that the continent could be consumer by a “retreat into nationalism.” The UK will conduct an election that decides on a divorce from the EU on March 29. Mr Macron said  that the Brexit vote was key to the future of Europe and “Brexit stands as a symbol of that.” He said that retreating into nationalism offers nothing, and that Europe was a “historic success” of reconciliation and a “project” that continued to protect citizens.

We are paraphrasing an article that was published on CBNC, by Holly Ellyatt, 4 March 2019.

Centrist Macron became president in May 2017 after he beat the right leaning candidate Marine La Pen and her National Rally Party (was the National Front years ago), allowing the power base in Europe to breathe a sigh of relief. Other right leaning parties have been more successful, with Italy electing Lega Party which is the dominant force in the center of the coalition government.

Marcon now speaks of a European renaissance and European integration in what he calls “ever closer union.” Other leaders in the EU are now behind the French president, saying that Europe must stick together. It seems that Macron and German leaders are trying to inject fear into the public sphere as the elections approach.

More on this topic in the coming weeks, the EU elections could be a game changer for Macron and his German partners.

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