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France – Tax Riots, Budget Weakness and the Slow Death of the European Union

France - Tax Riots, Budget Weakness and the Slow Death of the European Union

The European Union is failing, why? In short, local populations are being asked to pay for EU programs that in the end, are not in the best interest of their nation.

1. The budget in France is now marked at 3.4 percent of GDP. The European Commission gave France a one time free pass that allows it to ignore the 3.0 percent rule – no exceptions. 

2. So like Italy, France must spend at home to calm the local population even if it forces both France and Italy to break EU Commission directives.

3. France and Germany form the core of the EU – France owns the structure of the EU, the Government levers and the Germans in return build the core economy.

4. Right now France is is seeing a rebellion of tax payers, those who refuse to pay higher fuel taxes and higher taxes overall while their country is mismanaged by Mr Macron.

5. The latest “yellow vest” marches began peacefully but are now degenerating into mob violence. 

6. Low-paid workers are being squeezed in France, as taxes are increased and their benefits are cut, all for the grand social experiments of the European Union.

7. As Mr Macron comes up on 18 months in power, his policies to reshape and inject energy into the economy are now being reversed as his big U-turn is making him look weak.

From our standpoint the European Union is now doomed.


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