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Fear, Technology and Sabotage – Read this and think about it

Fear, Technology and Sabotage - Read this and think about it

While we read quotes from the enemies of reason and logic who instill fear in the general population, telling them that their jobs will evaporate in 10 years, some of the skilled thought leaders are suggesting that jobs will be upgraded and enhanced, not replaced complete. It is clear that advancements in technology, robots and A.I. will change the workforce for many years to come, according to an article on CNBC, attributed to Blanche Lim.

But in this article, Ranzo Taal explained that, “human creativity and abstract thinking” will be the basis for jobs in the future and it will be machine-human collaborations that will move forward and build a great future. According to this article, we should not be so negative. So study the abstract and the hypothetical and the future, in our humble view, is yours. 

Our Views: There are real needs for those who think in this world. But it is the sudden change that shocks the public and, with now knowing meaning of changes, people make poor decisions. Two points about technology and change to think about. Think about a person born in 1890, who in a lifetime of 80 years, saw the first flight by the Wright brothers in 1903 (the flight was a paper and wood plane the traveled the length of about 110 yards or 100 meters – a football field length)  and then in 1960 that same person saw a fleet of 200 B-52 Bombers armed with thermonuclear weapons each plane above to completely destroy 10 cities in the US or the Soviet Union.

The technological advance from 1903 to 1960 was a massive mental weight on the average citizen. Or think about the 1890s to 1920s when French farmers took their shoes called Sabos and threw them in the machines in factories because these things called “factories” would destroy farming. And without farms, there were no jobs to fill the gaps and more importantly, no food. This is the reason with use the word sabotage.

In 1890s, 60 percent of the population in the US lived on farms and 50% of the nation was illiterate – only the best educated in cities and on farms could read and write. Imagine the shock to those living in that era in the US, France, Canada, China and Saudi Arabia when the saw jet fighters, computers and even international calling services……as nations we still fear technology. 



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