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Fake News, Reality Shows and Socialist Values in China

Fake News, Reality Shows and Socialist Values in China

In a surprise move, the Chinese government ordered broadcasters and online entertainment sites to avoid celebrity hype and crack down on fake audience and “clicks” as the government has ordered a famous A-list movie star to pay 884 million ($129 million) in back taxes. It appears the Beijing is cracking down on a film and media industry that has spun out of control and needs to be borough back in line with values according to sources. 

According to the National Radio and Television Administration, the government edict and on a wider scale, general crackdown is on the back of growing concerns about the messages sent to the public – especially the youth of China. However, these comments about the renewed fear of worship of money and movie stars sounds much like the old days of Communist China when morality and values were ensured by the government. 

The government points out that children should be kept away from entertainment and reality shows as well as vulgar content. In short, the government wants a lot of current shows scrapped or changed – movie stars singing on talent shows will be impacted. The government wants these shows to support and encourage core socialist values – you know, much like the old days when the government was far more in control of most aspects of society. 

Fan Bingbing, the singer who was ordered to pay $129 million in back taxes, clearly stated that she understood that “without the good policies of the Communist Party and the state” that she would not be…..

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