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Facebook – More Hot Water

Facebook - More Hot Water

The long list of problems that have jolted Facebook continues to grow, this time the firm unintentionally uploaded 1.5 million emails without the permission of users. Privacy concerns and security have been points which the firm has invested new support and energy. A source familiar with the matter said users who were affected by this breach were not limited to the United States, but in international markets as well. According to a spokesperson, the firm fixed the issue and is notifying people who were impacted.

According to the CBNC article where this piece was used as a source, Facebook said it used to have a step in the account varification process where some users had the option to confirm email addresses and import email contacts onto the site. This was a logical function as it helped members of the platform find friends more effectively. This process, according to the firm was redesigned in May 2016. So the emails were still being uploaded without knowledge of users. Again, it has be fixed.

Facebook has many challenges now it is clear that CEO Zuckerberg has lost some credibility in the tech world as the US elections are approaching and some of the new candidates want to control media – especially those that seem out of control. The public criticism that this firm has received is shockingly high as the CEO and others seem disconnected. The UK issue with Cambridge Analytica has rocked the social media giant and has the CEO on the back foot. He is now calling for stricter internet regulations and wants the US government and others to take a more active role.

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