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European Elections – Greens, Center, and Right Post Gains

European Elections - Greens, Center, and Right Post Gains

The young and charismatic leader, France President Emmanuel Macron won 22.1% of the vote in the European Elections with the Green Party seeing a sudden surge taking 12.1% of the vote while the right leaning Le Pen came out on top with 23.3% oath vote. Mr Macron represents La Republique en Marche (the Republic on the Move), while Le Pen leads the National Rally (NR) Party.

The 2018 polls showed Macron giving away votes as the National Rally party capitalized on months of street protests by the Yellow Vests who started protesting in November 2018 after gasoline and fuel hikes, but then turned into a ongoing march of over 20 weeks against everything that Macron supports.

Unlike the UK, which has a Brexit component, Le Pen in France has been focused on what the Right are calling a “European Renaissance” in which the French aim to restructure the EU from within. In short, they want to change Brussels. Macro was part of a big plan to consolidate the progressive and take on the pro-European liberals but this loss is now a blow for Marcon and his party. Macron did lead the progressives across Europe and he was the likely leader after Germany saw Angela Merkel step down after being challenged within Germany.

The Greens have now won a place in the sun with a strong showing. Many of those who voted against the Greens were not going to vote for the Right Wing or Nationalists, so the vote against Macron was expressed with the Green surge.

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