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Embracing Disruptive Technologies – Politics in Europe

Embracing Disruptive Technologies - Politics in Europe

In an accelerating world in which China, the EU, Japan and the US are implementing technologies that are changing society at a recored pace, the question is just how corporations will implement technologies to stay ahead of their rivals, and in many cases, change themselves beyond recognition. But this is not only a strategy that that corporations are embracing, but recently, there are political parties that are changing themselves beyond recognition.

As many political parties are struggling to remain part of the mainstream, others are breaking off and behaving like new firms that are just coming to market, much like start-ups.  Others, as part of a survival mechanism, are working to mirror the changing demographics and to cater to the youth of the US, Canada, and the UK. 

Some political leaders are breaking away from the “traditional or old school” model of running government, and thus are learning political entrepreneurship. In Europe, the standout is Mr Emmanuel Macron of France. 

Evidence suggests that while the old parties are divided by the far left and far right, as they capture support from fringe groups, the new start-up parties, are working with like minded voters who are young and old, nationalist and internationalist, and open and closed types. The lines of separation of not clear but when the evidence is presented, it all makes sense. This was clear in the US election with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump seemed to attractive those with similar views on the political spectrum. 

And it is because the European system is fragmented that the idea of a start-up party is natural and easy to kick off. However in the US, the evenly divided two party system makes it difficult to start a party that can fight into the mainstream. Starting a new party in the US is next to impossible, so it`s better to join one of the two main parties. 

Politics in Europe has a tendency to be more fluid than in the US. So the idea of starting a new party in a less hostile system is now part of the mainstream. Sure, some parties are more right leaning, and built on populist views. 

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