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Elon Musk: You Don`t Own a Tesla? You Own a Horse

Elon Musk: You Don`t Own a Tesla? You Own a Horse

We have a lot of readers who are not native English speakers so I will give them this message. “The Price of Genius” is a phrase that we use when we work with or hire a person to work with who is exceedingly good, and achieves a lot but is a bit nutty or odd. We deal with the odd part and allow it because this person is very good, and contributes to the team`s success. Elon Musk is one of these people – he may say odd things and make some off the wall statements, smoke pot on the Joe Rogan show and upset his board members but in the end, he is a genius, the price of genius!

Today the oddball Elon Musk stated that in 3 years, if you are own any other car and not a Tesla, it is like owning a horse. “It`s financially insane to buy anything other than a Tesla.” the CEO of the electric auto maker said to fans. Sure, he is bold and has made some outlandish and very odd statements in the past but he seems to be consistently on the mark when it comes to getting it right. And getting new technologies right- he just thinks differently than anyone else – the price of genius.

This article was sourced from CNBC, Matthew J Belvedere, 22 April.

Musk is the billionaire entrepreneur has built out SpaceX, and now Tesla. He talks about a time of transition in which the horse was in Manhattan, a total of 300,000 and the transition took place as autos appeared. We at Classiarius did some research and it the pictures from 1906 had mostly horses pulling carriages, with one car in the background. In pictures from 1914 and 1915, you could count 8 cars and 3 horses moving people By 1920, people had forgotten about horses and only cars were on the streets.

Musk feels we are at one of those times of transition….so in 10 years, only self-driving cars?

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