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Elon Musk Cannot Shut Up, Assigned a Twitter Babysitter

Elon Musk Gets Twitter Babysitter

There are many ways to describe Elon Musk, but subtle is surely not one of them. More importantly, he seems to continue giving the Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC, headaches when he Tweets. Sure Donald Trump tweets crazy ideas and insults but when Elon Musk tweets, it sometimes costs investors hundreds of millions of dollars, even billions so the SEC has asked him – STOP! 

He has clashed in the past but more recently he was brought in before a judge and warned – again. There are now more official and stricter rules for his, get this, Twitter Babysitter, who must watch him and advise him on tweets. There must be an experienced securities lawyer employed by the company, someone who will keep a watchful eye on the young billionaire. According to his spokesperson, this was a meaningful compromise. Prognosticators have suggested that he might be banned from the board at Tesla but he is still there.

Note that there was an epic interview on Joe Rogan, a pod cast who interviewed him, and they smoked pot together. This of course upset board members but again, Musk is still there. The social-media-loving Musk will now have letters and emails about the financial condition of the company pre-approved by said lawyer and of course he will naturally have the twitter baby-sitter looking over his shoulder. Many on Wall Street believe that Elon Musk is a true genius but he can become aggressive and shoot himself in the foot. He has angered the SEC and even taunted them, but he has been warned. They will not be so easy on him if he continues this behaviour as rogue comments can cost investors millions in losses. 

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