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Donald Trump, Main Stream Media and His Tweeting Foolishness

In the minds of the press or the main stream media, and by extension, the minds of the average citizen in New York, Toronto, London and Paris, freedom of speech and thought is a given.

However, when looking closer it becomes clear that the entire media industry and more importantly those that chose what stories to highlight and what stories to marginalize is being made by a small group of people, that for the most part are made up of small clique of graduates from elite universities, something very obvious becomes clear:

A figure like Donald Trump, with coaching in the background of course, can inject massive disruption in the news and social media complex. He is delivering non-conventional rules to a system that is rigid and very narrow in thought diversity. The press are so predictable in their behavior, that they become an extension of the President, while believing themselves to be his nemesis.

He speaks . He tweets. They react.

But more and more experts are starting to look deeper into the Trump method of throwing the press into the outrage fire, and the analysis is interesting. All evidence suggest that Mr Trump knows the press is easily excited and will commit themselves to stories, that they would not normally report on, if provoked. Forcing your opponent to do what he would not normally do is the true sign of ones power over his opponent.

One example of this is  Trump’s use of the press in relation to the general public and painted it in an “us” versus “them” dichotomy. A psychological predisposition that was deeply embedded in every society – East and West – as a result of the Cold War.

Knowing that the majority of the Press were indoctrinated in universities like Harvard, McGill, University of Sydney, and Cambridge, Trump leverages their pre-programmed postmodern world view and their need to attack anyone that violates the tenants of their group-think. Clearly, the President knows that the main stream media will attack anyone, even their own, when provoked.

In addition, the majority of those that make up the ranks of mainstream media identify as being on the Left. But currently the left itself is hopelessly fragmented as a result of toxic identity politics – there are just so many groups that anyone can become a target at any time.

Trump and his team know this and leverage it every day. The infighting within the #MeToo Movement, the Women`s March and even within the media itself as evidence of Megan Kelly, the media attack reporter who was praised for her brawls with the then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

And then, a year or so later, Kelly was thrown under the bus by her colleagues and saw her career destroyed by the same media groups who once praised her.

In our view, the fragmented nature of the Big Tent Democrat Party, combined with the reckless mainstream media that champions them, will in fact do damage rather than assist them in 2020.

This is why Trump is able to manipulate and drive the media at will  – they never act, they always react and are very predictable which makes them a perfect tool for Trump and his team. More importantly, given the nature of 24 hr news, the media must focus on short-term news cycles, comments, or short visual pieces to build false narratives and create 7 days of rage for the next news cycle.

We saw this blatant creation of fake news by media recently with the debacle with the Covington Catholic School boys who just stood and smiled when approached by a Native American and were falsely and maliciously defamed and slandered across the mainstream media. Within 24 hours, the false narrative of “their hate and racism” was spread around the globe.

With one comment about Halloween, Megyn Kelly saw a 20 year career vanish. It was all over in days and after Kelly, the media, unknowingly or many would say knowingly are always on the look out for their next target to fuel their outrage narrative to get eyeballs and clicks on their product. .

Liam Neeson it seems,  would be the main course of the week, in the manufactured outrage narrative that the media is seemly addicted to.

President Trump like most of the voting public experienced the Cold War and the “us” versus “them” culture it created. In the press, he and his people know the one-dimensional thought processes of the Post-Modern educated main stream media elite, who drive the identity politics narrative daily.

He sees the Democrats as being made up of small groups who without compulsion will attack each other at the drop of a hat, and thus by the summer 2019, for example, it would not be at all surprising to see the much of the Democratic Party turning on  the likes of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and the other junior members of the party should they continue to draw the ire of regular and independent voters with their extremist comments and propositions.

In fact, the media loves to tear down those they elevate. The faster the rise, the nastier the fall.


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