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Donald Trump is “falling in love” again – Hanoi Summit

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Reaches Out To President Trump

It`s not surprising that the Hanoi Summit between President Trump of the United States and Kim Jong-un of North Korea is attracting a lot of attention here in Japan, as well as other major countries in the region. This much anticipated meeting could result in a proper road map of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula as well as new opportunities in investment and economic representation for Japanese and South Korean blue chip firms.

But we may need to wait several days as it seems that both the US and North Korea are keeping decisions of progress under wraps.

For his part, President Trump has made some decisions that shocked his team, sometimes offering a “deal” on US military presence or on other significant areas of the relationship. In Singapore he postponed military exercises without warning his underlings. 

One CIA official said that after studying Kim Jong-un for years, he feels that the silence since June 2018 is a sign that North Korea does not want to further the nuclear discussions, a point that Trump might decide to put in the back burner.  So any advance in the talks will likely have a nuclear measuring component that will allow the West to keep an eye on the North Korean movements in weapons and missiles. 

Although some experts have clearly stated that Trump is lowering the tensions on the Korean Peninsula, he seems to be at a crossroads with regards to the next steps to take for denuclearization. This summit is surely going to provide the world with better insight and despite not having a decision in hand, a plan for North Korea’s future is possible. Kim does seem keen to become part of the world.

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