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Darwin, Bitcoin and a Reversal – Classiarius Viewpoints

July and August could see a base forming with a positive second half of 2018 for Bitcoin.

In 2017 and early 2018, the global market for digital currencies was expanding rapidly with few people fully understanding the new coins issued and the underlying technologies, even regulators were confused and searching for answers. We started writing and producing audiovisual presentations with a theme that lasted from March 10 until very recently. That theme was the idea that too many coins were being issued, especially questionable coins, while heists were reported on a weekly basis and regulators were struggling to understand and take control over what we called Wild Wild West markets. Please refer to our audiovisual section, Darwinism, 800 Coins etc.

We had no crystal ball, but our partners took a 3 month view, from March to June, pointing out that with hundreds of billions of dollars circling the globe, regulators would be forced to tighten regulations. Even firms with global reach like Facebook and Google stopped any promotion on their platforms. It was said that at one point, as much as 70 percent of new coins were bogus or were supported by questionable organizations. Investor confidence naturally collapsed and Bitcoin followed, falling from near $20,000 to $6,000.

This is our first market view change in months. Of course we do suggest that each person does his or her research, and recommend investing many hours of study before investing. We do not give trading advice. However, we see that March to June weakness and Darwinism playing out and July and August a period of consolidation.

Markets were searching for a price, were looking for a change, and now that change seems near. Think about it this way, have you heard a lot about regulator involvement in the past month? Surely it is higher but the signals that we see are that after aggressive intervention, they do seem to have a better understanding and better control as they are building a global framework for investor grade platforms of the future.

We see this July and August period of 2018 as a base forming window. A possible time of rotation from the weaker coins to the stronger coins with proven management teams, business plans and technology that has practical use for now and in the future. We are now focusing on a more positive second half of 2018.

We change views every three months or so, it starts now.

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