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Cyberattacks Could Trigger The Next World War

Cyberattacks Could Trigger The Next World War

The next world war or the next severe economic damage that can be exacted on a world power could be a powerful cyber attack. According to Ian Bremmer, a famous geopolitical scientist, the next cyber attack is the “thing that could blow us up.” He talked about a NotPetya raonsomware attack that occurred in 22017 that was aimed at the Ukraine, but spread around the world, some say launched from Moscow. The United States and the United Kingdom both feel that this attack was of Putin origin. “The Russians dis not intend to hit those companies, they just did not care,” according to Mr Bremmer. 

But now that war has been taken into space – China, Russia and the US have had a network of satellites for decades – anything electronic and connected to a web or system is a target. The US and China are said to be ready to shut down economies if necessary. Imagine a country with no commutations, wouldn’t food security and energy security be at risk? China is dependent on others for food and energy. Food cannot be delivered without communications. It is that simple. 

According to Mr Bremmer, Russia likes to break stuff and it does so because it is angry. This environment is such that countries do not want to admit when they have been attacked. So the issue is higher risk of such attacks taking place. 

Cyberattacks are coming – get ready. And note that according to some sources, these attacks are already taking place and few companies and governments want to openly admit this to the public. 

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