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Cyber Security – Russian Law Will Isolate Moscow from the Global Internet

Cyber Security - Russian Law Will Isolate Moscow from the Global Internet

Here at Classiarius we have been discussing the idea of many countries protecting their homeland by putting up walls that prevent cyber-attacks. Russia, is now implementing an new law that will separate the country from the rest of the world. This is interesting as Geopolitical Strategist Ian Bremmer said recently that the most concerning risk for 2019 in the US is a cyber-attack from Russia. The Stable Runet law passed by the Russian parliament this week was no surprise.

It is clear now that the Russian government wants to control all information that goes in and out of the country. The law will likely put obligations on any US company that operates in Russia to change equipment, replacing it with Russian approved hardware. This raises questions about the ability of the government to enact surveillance of overseas firms with offices in Moscow and St Petersburg. This will make any firm, a bank or computer company think twice about building an office on Russian soil. Russia already keeps a tight grip on allowing US social media companies that open offices there, providing government-backed alternatives to popular services like Facebook and Google.

Facebook is replaced by a Russian alternative called VK in Russia and Google has been upended by Mail.ru in Russia. Tbe Balkanization of the internet is now taking place and this will allow companies to have a “kill switch” to turn off any flow of information when necessary. One group of lawmakers in Russia who recently passed a law criminalizing the spread of online news that disrespects the government, said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO of network security at rating company SecurityScorecard. Some countries in Europe have strict rules for making negative comments about protected religions as blasphemy laws protect selected people.

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