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Cows, DNA Tests and Elections

Cows, DNA Tests and Elections

The holy woman, Sadhvi Kamal, a Hindu holy woman I a saffron robe, rides in a shite SUV and patrols the streets looking for cow smugglers – the back window of the SUV has a sticker that shows a log with the words claiming that the cow is in fact the mother of the world. 

Ms Kamal leads a vigilante force of thousands of volunteers, mostly young Hindu men, who work as a team to prevent such smugglers from doing their work. These vigilante groups have risen after several Indian states outlawed the slaughter of cows, a practice that is still seen by the Muslim groups in the country. The cow is in fact sacred to the Indian people and has deep and long roots in Indian culture. 

In recent years, three-dozen Muslims have been lynched for slaughtering cows, some captured transporting meat in vans from slaughter houses to market dominated by Muslims. Hindu Nationalism is not main stream and supported by PM Modi`s party, the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

Scenes of nationalists marching in the streets are common in India today. 

In New Delhi and Ayodhya, a city in Uttar Pradesh State, tens of thousands of men in saffron armed with swords marched in the name of Hindu Lord Ram shouting anti-Muslim epithets. The Ram site is the place were riots were sparked in 1992 when 2,000 people were killed. The Hindus claim  that he temple was built after a Muslim invasion destroyed a temple dedicated to Ram.

The Modi government is now conducting DNA tests to prove that Indian Hindus are truly from Hindu ancestors as purity is important in their country to dispel myths. Currently there is a strong movement that is led by Modi, a Nationalist Movement, that is gaining support around the country and could spike at the elections in spring. 

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