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Cola and Now Fruit Juice, Higher Cancer Risk, Our Views

Cola and Now Fruit Juice, Higher Cancer Risk, Our Views

Drinking a variety of sodas can increase risk of cancer, but now the risk factors have been expanded and it seems that fruit juice is the new cause of cancer. Increased daily consumption of about 3.4 ounces of soda, about one-third of a can of Coke, triggers a greater risk of some cancers in a study published in the British Medical Journal. This piece was based on an article on Bloomberg attributed to Marthe Fourcade. The research, part of a broader effort carried out in France to investigate links between drinks and cancer is one of the first studied that actually ties fruit juice to possible cancer risk. The findings have surprised the juice industry which focuses on healthy alternatives and more often, children, as these juices are family focused.

Water, unsweetened tea and coffee also showed no heightened risk according to this article. Additives found in sodas and pesticides in fruit could have impact according to this study. Sugar in juices and sodas effect visceral fat, blood-sugar levels and can cause inflammation.

Our Views: Clearly there are good studies and bad studies, but the fact is that we as a group, all humans, must be careful about what we consume. Lower intact of processed foods, processed meats, colas and other products with additives and sugars can improve health. Cutting out excessive alcohol drinking such as binge drinking and speed drinking, does make sense for a healthier and longer life. 



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