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Claims of Shoddy Production at Boeing – 737 and 787 Questions

Claims of Shoddy Production at Boeing - 737 and 787 Questions

The recent grounding of the Boeing 737 Max was a reaction to software that sometimes struggled with the pilot and co-pilot, taking the nose of the plane lower while the pilot tried to keep the plane targeting a higher trajectory. The software has been upgraded but there are reports that some US pilots warning Boeing months before the two crashes. Now there are more questions coming out of this story as it seems that Boeing is being asked if it is a culture that values production speed over production quality.

One mistake in the airline industry could send a plane falling from the sky – as there were two deadly crashes involving the 737 Max. The anti-stall system as mentioned earlier is a system that seems to be too powerful – it has been adjusted and tests with upgraded software are being run now.

Focus has now turned to the Boeing 787 which is built in two plants, one in North Charleston, South Carolina. This plane has no flight issues now, but the problems seem to be simple. Some of the planes are leaving the factory and customers are now complaining. There tends to be, according to the Times article, 20 April 2019, by N Kitroeff and D Gelles, a problem with debris being left in the plane. Some of this debris being left near wires that could trigger serious problems. Workers have filed nearly a dozen whistler-blower claims that include safety and manufacturing mistakes as well as debris being left on planes. Some end clients have sued Boeing to expose the manufacturing mistakes.

Boeing has defended both plants but it seems that there are new checks with manufacturing procedures. The management team at Boeing says that there is nothing unusual about this team as there are always some questions that focus on manufacturing and other problems and Boeing management made it clear that a 787 has never crashed.

Most of the Boeing plants have been working at break-neck speed as the order book is heavy until 2022.

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