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Chinese Spy Chips – Trade War Intensifies – Tech Down 7% to 9%

Chinese Spy Chips - Trade War Intensifies - Tech Down 7% to 9%

When this story broke some Apple suppliers saw their stocks drop – all tech collapsed – by 7 percent to 9 percent. Our view at Classiarius is that the confrontation with China is spreading –  we think it spreads even more. 

While we are conditioned to focus on software and listening devices with regards to spy craft, there are new accusations made toward China that suggests that spy chips are being used to watch Apple and Amazon – according to a report by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Apple, AWS and Super Micro dispute this report. 

China has been in the news recently, especially with regards to a trade war that has been elevated by President Donald Trump, but this new allegation has caught many by surprise as it is a hardware discussion that Amazon Web Services – a data equipment center run by this firm – and Apple may have been the under surveillance by Chinese government agents in the firm of a tiny microchip. Again, this notion is being strongly disputed by these tech giants. 

This announcement, seemingly to come from an unnamed government source, triggered a sell off in Super Micro which plummeted more than 40 percent. Apple shares held up well, close positive on the day but Amazon fell by 1.5 percent on this announcement. Apparently an infected driver on a server was found in one of the labs of Super Micron – a confused story from 2016 according to those rejecting these comments. 

The Super Micro servers were removed by Apple that year, and according to reports Apple severed ties in 2016. Keep in mind that President Trump has talked in great detail about the issues with China that include but are  not limited to intellectual property theft. This key issue is actually part of the US trade complaints and tied to actions by the White House. 

More on this topic in the coming weeks, 

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