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Chinese Citizens to US, Shut-up and Move Over

China Exports Surveillance Technology - Citizens !

The most recent Hong Kong protests are important but note that the average Chinese citizen on the street is making it clear that the US should step aside and allow China to take its rightful place on the world stage. According to one taxi driver in Beijing, “we are going to pass the United States.” And this current trade war, in our view, is just the beginning of a more dangerous war of words that are a result of the US stepping aside an allowing China to co-lead the planet. We should keep in mind that the world needs two super powers, not one. China must be able to expand its territorial influence to South Korea, Japan, India, and 10 other countries in the Far East. In the absence of self-developed ideas, the population of China can be influenced by Beijing and this of course will surely allow for a united front when exerting its political will on the region. To be fair, China views the US and Japan as too close and too dangerous with regards to controlling trade and the passages that allow 5.2 trillion dollars of trade to pass via shipping lanes in the region. China relies on the world to buy its goods but if the US controls the inflow and outflow of commodities to the region, China does have a valid reason to be concerned. The key points that allow commodities to flow into China, including food products and energy, are all policed by the US and Japan. Imagine a world in this region in 10 years when China, Japan, and other nations are building out vast military ship capabilities to police their backyard – and the US more or less vanishes. Or will it?



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