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China’s Huawei Blames Geopolitics for US Push on 5G Security

China's Huawei Blames Geopolitics for US Push on 5G Security

The United States is selling the idea to many western nations that Huawei is using its hardware and other platforms, including software to steal ideas. China steal ideas from other countries, who would ever believe that? 

Huawei is not hitting back and saying that the US is being ideologically driven and employing fears to get its way on the geopolitical front. Some countries have banned Huawei equipment and according to China, this is unfair. Recently, the US has lobbied to put Huawei at a disadvantage in selling its 5G product to Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada. Recently Huawei has been rather aggressive as it has sold 10,000 5G base stations to various countries. 

Right now, Huawei is the biggest supplier of telecoms equipment in the world, and is the leader if 5G technology. Still, from the UK, there have been complaints that software security is a problem that must be discussed. But much of the recent noise started when Meng Wenzhou, the Huawei CFO who was arrested in Canada on fears that she was selling US equipment to Iran. She is the daughter of the founder of the firm. 

In the coming months, there will be more accusations with regards to spies and built in back doors for these products. We at Classiarius will be reporting updates along they way.

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