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China, US Trade Talks – Why Negotiators Hate Trump and Want Him Out!

China, US Trade Talks - Why Negotiators Hate Trump and Want Him Out!

President Trump sometimes works on a schedule, like most elected leaders, with a view that he can get things done in short order and that he will “teach everyone a lesson” on the art of the deal. The Chinese leadership seldom make comments and they sit as they know that Trump is a problem for exposing some trade inequities but at the same time, they feel they can negotiate with the US for another 10 years, effective looking past the current US President.

They know that he has time limits on what he says and does, and that they can give up pieces of the trade deal to satisfy him and allow him to call it a win. However, if they are able to discredit him or allow US citizens to discredit him, they, the Chinese leadership, will be dealing with a new President in 2 years.

Remember, President Xi of China just declared himself President for Life, just like Putin has done – so China and Russia have a clear advantage in  doing business with a weakened US over the next 10 years. Trump now says that he will impose 25% tariffs on an additional $325 billion of Chinese goods “shortly” – but are the Chinese negotiators worried?

Can they drag these trade talks out until the US election giving the Democrats ammo to fire at Trump? Long-term Russian and Chinese strategists have taken advantage of the US for decades, and they are doing it again now. Trump may not get it, but he might be fighting this trade battle for another 18 months.

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