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China Pride, Patriotism and Nationalism

China Pride, Patriotism and Nationalism

There has been a sudden change in the stance from China, and that is one in which the government and the party dig in and start fanning the flames of patriotism in the form of showing Korean War films and taking aim at Washington and the Trump Administration. China is now saying – and they have a good point – that they refuse to suffer another 200 years of humiliation while the US and the EU are saying that they will stop giving away their best technology and that they will not “be forced” to hand over their leading ideas.

The trade war has moved into high gear as President Trump has pointed to Huawei Technologies Co. over concerns from Trump and his team. as we all as the Europeans and Japanese, that China is stealing technology from the West via Huawei and other names. The state-fun news agency, Xinhua News Agency, is now saying that it understands how to do business in the West, specifically with the US, and that it has a “deep understanding” of the US “capriciousness” and for its part, China is ready for another “Long March” in spirit. President Xi warned local officials that there are “complicated and long-term effects” form external influences.

China openly admits that Korean War Films stoke up anti-US sentiment just like that of the 1950s. China showed, on national TV, 6 consecutive days of war films from the Korean Peninsula, of course the US being the evil country that is dangerous. President Xi, said that the two world economic powers will go through a period of irrational conflict – and of course we are seeing it played out now. Some Chinese leaders are calling for a boycott of iPhones, but others use the product and seem to like it a lot. More on this topic in the coming week. 

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