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China – Censorship and Online Scrubbing Business

China - Censorship and Online Scrubbing Business

The Communist Party of China has, according to Reuters, is boosting its number of human internet censors backed by artificial intelligence to help firms vet content on apps and ads. This is being done through the online unit of the powerful People`s Daily (People.cn). Demand for online services soared since last year after China tightened its already strict online censorship rules.

In recent years, China has shut down websites and social media accounts that have not followed the rules and contained illegal content that is considered inappropriate or “vulgar” or pornographic. Tens of thousands of sites and platforms have been deleted and shut down with more to come. Also, the government will not allow politically charged pieces on Tibet, Taiwan, the 1989 crackdown on Tiananmen Square and any local scandal that might be better off deleted. The firms that are working with the government are seeing strong profit growth as they as one saw profits rise by 140 percent, the biggest annual increase since 2011.

Much of the sensitive material can be removed by using A.I. as it seems that this is the future of such cleaning the internet. These machines are learning new words and phrases each day, allowing them to do more with less human intervention. The bottom line is to filter out and block harmful information and also spot lies and false ideas. These machines can think and in the very least, support human intervention.

These machines work according to directives from the Communist propaganda department which is updated regularly with machine learning algoithms. More on this topic in the coming weeks.

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