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China Builds “Boarding Schools” in the Western Regions

China Builds "Boarding Schools" in the Western Regions

The Chinese government has come under pressure in the international press for building what some call internment camps for Muslims in the far west region called Xinjiang. 

It has drawn condemnation from foreign governments and international bodies for it heavy handed use of what it calls boarding schools or reeducation programs. The number of people in these schools is not known but estimates are between 1 to 1.5 million people from ethnic minorities.

China has a well-developed system of camps that were built during the Mao era and are copied from the Soviet Gulags – political and religious organizations have been locked up since the Communists Party took power in 1949. 

The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva has recently met, and speakers have made it clear that the Chinese government should be more selective in its actions. Religious rights groups have voiced concern as well. 

“While recognizing China’s right to combat terrorism, we think that a distinction should be made between terrorists and innocent people,” was voiced by Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu at the meeting in Geneva. Apparently he has repeated his protest and has made it clear that his voice is heard.

China, like most other nations in the Far East, has a different approach to social unrest and specifically to terrorist attacks. There is a strong sense of social order and harmony in Eastern cultures and no one group is ever allowed to disrupt the government approved harmony. 

Note that terrorist attacks, bombings in public squares and at police stations,  in the Xinjiang region have dropped to near zero since the Communist Party under Xi has addressed this issue. 

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