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China and the New World Order

China and the New World Order

China will step onto the global stage and according to Ho Kwon Ping, founder of the hospitality group Banyan Tree Hodings, “the world should accept the ascendancy of China, embrace it, make sure we minimize some of its more outrageous behavior, but at the same time integrate China into a new world order in which it plays a great role.” These were the comments that experts put forth at the Credit Suisse Global Supertrends Conference, saying the the world should welcome China`s rise.

The international community needs to reestablish a world order based on rules as the rise of China continues as the United States and Europe fade in power. Experts had a message and that is,  “instead of demonizing Beijing or using military power, other major economies should welcome the rise of China and allow international status to be rewritten. There are calls for China to adhere to agreements, to work with other countries on technology and intellectual property rights.

Some analysts are now questioning the US and its aggressive stance toward Europe with regards to tariffs, saying that Europe should work with the EU and treat it like a partner coordinating a stance toward China. There are now experts who believe that China`s neighbors will  become vassal states, but the idea of a pseudo colony for China is unacceptable. The notion that China must be heavy handed in foreign aid, is being compared to the US and Japan and their spotty history.

Some countries are saying that China is using debt as a tool to colonize countries in the BRI initiative. China says that the western press is demonizing China in what is a perfectly normal plan for the future of trade.

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