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Chaos and Keeping The Press Employed – Trump`s World

Chaos and Keeping The Press Employed - Trump`s World

This past week we saw troops being pulled out of Syria and Afghanistan, a defense chief who suddenly resigned, apparent threats to the Fed Chair (denied), a partial US government shutdown and President Donald J. Trump continues to fire out tweets while calling children from the White House – it is business as usual in Trump`s World. 

Clearly the outside world is in shock, they cannot comprehend Trump World and the ongoing spin that keeps the main stream media busy at all times. They write about Trump, they write about his family and anything related to Trump, because when you think about the news services, they have become somewhat cartoonish in their view of the world as they have degraded journalism. The platforms like CNN and MSNBC were bleeding cash and firing staff until they were given a new career – cover Trump World and stay employed. But with all the noise and the waves of issues the surround the President, he only does his work, and ignores them. 

Trump World means that he seems focused on China, Canada, Russia, Japan and occasionally sends a tweet about Mexico only to keep the press on their toes. He ignores Germany and sometimes makes a comment about Angela Merkel but outside of that, he is too busy getting things done. Now he has allowed the government to shut down and to reopen he asks for a border wall, and gives the press what they want. But note that he continues to focus on his agenda and schedule, only to tell the press to step aside when they get in the way. He has turned them into gangs of paparazzi, chasing meaningless stories for laughs. 

Each day President Trump shocks the world and moves on with his business. And he keeps the world employed. 

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