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CBS News in the MSM Ratings Basement, Our Views

CBS News in the MSM Ratings Basement, Our Views

The US main stream news organization, CBS News, has long been a member of the evening news basement, you now, firmly at the bottom of ratings, according to an article from AP, Japan Times. This news program has appointed a new anchor with the start of Norah O`Donnell, and is now making plans to leave New York, and move to Washington DC.

CBS New President Susan Zirinsky is bullish on the advantages that these moves will offer but is, like most, making sure that it does not focus too much on being a Washington DC based organization. CBS Evening News has been behind ABC news and NBC news ratings for decades, averaging 8.7 million and 8.1 million views per night respectively. CBS draws about 6 million views per night.

Our Views: Clearly CBS news has worked with a wide range of news presenters including Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric, making Norah ODonnell the third woman to be a solo caster for the evening news. However, the idea of woke journalism could backfire as many know that the the person presenting the news is secondary to strong writing and factual ideas. A great mind like Norah is important, but she must speak facts presented by good writers of CBS will follow the rest of the main stream media – down the tubes of fake news. 



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