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Canadian PM Trudeau – Crisis Triggered by a Scandal and the Economy

Canadian PM Trudeau - Crisis Triggered by a Scandal and the Economy

Jody Wilson-Raybould broke her silence and her testimony shook the core of Trudeau`s team. Now some Canadians are asking the Prime Minister to step down. 

In what is called the biggest crisis in Canadian politics in decades, PM Trudeau is hit by allegations that he interfered in a corruption case as Canada`s economy starts to slow down. Now with federal elections only 8 months away, a concerned PM Trudeau has shaken up his cabinet by installing new ministers of agriculture, veterans affairs, and international development. This is not the crisis that some make it out to be, evidence is still coming to light. Still, some of the PMs most loyal supporters are getting behind this scandal story and it does not look good.

According to reports in the Canadian main stream legacy and other forms of press (with the on line versions being more believable), Ms Wilson-Raybould , one of the 15 women and two indigenous people to join Mr Trudeau`s first cabinet in 2015, are now presenting testimony that points the government pressuring some female cabinet members on their business affairs. Ms Wilson-Raybould is now saying that she faced “consistent and sustained” efforts by several people in the Trudeau government to secure a deferred prosecution agreement with SNC-Lavalin, a Montreal-based company that is alleged to have executives who bribed foreign officials.

Some university professors who have knowledge of the current government are making it clear that Mr Trudeau knows that this is a serious situation given that the economy is slowing and a crisis of confidence before the next election would damage his and the party brands. But the defiant PM Trudeau is not giving ground, he is pushing back hard.

Some of the PM`s allies are expected to be questioned next week with regards to the SNC-Lavalin case in Parliament. For some unknown reason, the women who Mr Trudeau placed in his cabinet and supported in Parliament are now turning against him despite him being an ally, one of the most Feminist-minded world leaders  in history.

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