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British PM May, Divorce from Europe or Just a Legal Separation?

Sometimes in divorce courts, the husband and wife, instead of getting a divorce file for a legal separation that can last, as they go on with their separate lives, for many years. Just imagine if this structure was applied to Brexit – imagine if they just decide to revisit the issue in 2025, when they can plot a new election. It is possible. 

For now, British Prime Minister Theresa May, just getting the EU to sign off on a deal, will be trying to win the support of Britain’s Parliament for the divorce settlement which will ultimately define the UK and its relationship with Europe. Reports in the UK press say that members of her own Cabinet and EU diplomats are quietly working on “Plan B” which will be set in motion if lawmakers reject the current deal. 

But imagine a situation in which the UK separates from Europe then does nothing legally, a strategy that will likely be enacted to encourage the public to rethink and most likely re-vote at a latter date, perhaps 5 to 10 years from now. Is this possible? Well in the current state of Europe, anything that suggests taking away the rights of the people and giving the decision making power to unelected officials, even for a short period of time, can happen. 

May has insisted that her agreement would “honor the results” of the 2016 referendum when 52 percent backed leave. She insisted that the current deal works in the national interest of the British people. The deal ensures that Britain would be leaving the European Union on March 29 2019. 

May struggled to unite her own ruling party, the Conservatives as well as the Northern Irish parliamentary allies and the Democratic Unionist Party. It is said that several senior ministers are now plotting the parameters of a Norway-Style  relationship with Brussels. 

The idea that May and her government is attempting to  postpone a decision, and thereby being able to attempt another referendum bid in 5 years? Sounds insane but this is Europe. 

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