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Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Approved by the European Union – May Gets Support

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Approved by the European Union - May Gets Support

Some might look at this approval as the start of a battle that will rage in the UK, but the EU leaders backing Theresa May`s Brexit withdrawal agreement on Sunday is a big won. Now some geopolitical scientists, namely Peter Zeihan, have stated that the UK, thanks to May, already has an agreement with the US to lock in on a solid trade deal.

Sure the showdown will be in the UK between May and opposition but with a US trade deal, the Brits can stare down the EU and disconnect, and plug into the US and NAFTA (NAFTA 2.0) having access to unlimited energy and 500 million consumers. The population of the US at 330 million, Mexico at 120 million a Canada nearing 38 million. So what if the Europeans lock the UK out as trading with North America, Australia and India, former colonies, is a multi-billion dollar safety-net of trade. The issues of energy and market access are not a problem for the UK, their issues now are only domestic and very political.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker repeated his sorrow for the British leaving Europe, as the EU will not be able to fast-track 250,000 migrants into the British Isles each year…..Germany and France will likely take more. May now faces a tough challenge next month when she attempts to get Parlimentary approval for the deal in Westminster. The vote will likely come on December 11. Any failure will mean that she and her government collapse. The so-called no-deal scenario is on the table.

Note that even the pro-Brexit and pro-Remain lawmakers with her party, her own Conservative Party have announced that they will vote against her, so the approval process now has challenges. The Scottish National Party have indicated that they will vote against it as well.

The battle starts now……

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