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Brexit and Labour Party Challenges – Jeremy Corbyn

Brexit and Labour Party Challenges - Jeremy Corbyn

We  told you so! The idea of a second referendum on Brexit now seems to have Labour Party leader and euroskeptic Jeremy Corbyn in an unusual situation. Mr Corbyn does not oppose Brexit, and his support in 2016 was uninspiring. However, he is now struggling with an internal crisis in his party in which nine MPs have left. After these MPs who wanted a referendum left the party, that the Labour  Party made a sudden pivot towards favoring a second referendum. 

The confusing and very fluid movement in British politics now seems to compromise the government’s ability to run the country. One wants to ask who is in charge? 

Now Mr Corbyn does not have any immediate threat to his leadership in the but this current crisis in the party seems to be part of a bigger picture of a government that cannot put together consensus and find unifying support of the people. The first referendum, a vote in which the people chose 52 percent to leave the country has been in disarray ever since. 

Mr Corbyn now sees his support numbers fading and the idea of him being prime minister is now quickly fading. And like the left in most countries, Mr Corbyn will find it more difficult to unify the various groups under his tent. There are so many stands in his party, keeping them together and having a solid foundation is a challenge. The next Brexit referendum is not near, but it is in theory, possible in the future. 

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