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BL∆KCoin – Japan`s Security Issues and Solutions

As the crypto coin market matures, we see a list of problems that appear in many of the well know names – all of us are looking for answers. Vulnerable, inefficient and expensive processing, high energy consumption and slow transactions per second (bitcoin blockchain) are some of the challenges for many start-ups in this industry. With so many new coins coming to market, investors are becoming more cautious and selective in their investments.

Of course, the security issue has been elevated as G20 leaders recently met in Argentina and have taken steps to build a global framework in which regulators can ensure safety in a global framework. We have been searching for a platform that understands safety and consumer protection, we stumbled upon BLAKCoin.

INVENTED WICKR – the most secure communication platform in the world, which has not been hacked since its inception in 2012.


Secure and safe Coin, Wallet and Ledger in the form of BLAKCoin, BLAKWallet and BLAKLedger are key components. And don`t forget the expanded platform to financial services partners to create an alternative to legacy payment systems – BLAKNet. We encourage you to visit their website to explore a system that delivers solutions to many concerns that other coins face but have yet to fully address.

NEXTGEN SECURITY is what sets BLAKCoin apart. BLAKCoin created over 20 novel ideas related to security which are in the process of patent protection. The founders have over 30 patents related to security, encryption, authentication, and communication security. And this team has over 40 years of practice and know how, again contributing to a robust list of security featuers.

With a series of products designed to protect critical national security systems, financial assets and communications of many countries, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Sheikhs and High Net worth Individuals, this team has a proven track record of safety and protection. And it has produced a cutting edge product that is much needed in Japan, a country in which exchanges have experienced heists totaling one billion dollars.

We will be publishing more comments and audiovisual presentations on BLAKCoin in the coming weeks.

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