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Bitcoin, Blockchain and 2018`s Rapid Technology Changes

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While many of the so-called experts in the crypto-world are still new, still exploring and still looking for the next technological breakthrough, we at Classiarius, as we have in our first articles and audiovisual presentations since March 2018, see the current world of crypto/blockchain as a market in infancy, much like the 1993 to 1994 period in the “internet” space when President Bill Clinton was in office.

One of the key cryptocurrency traders in New York, Brian Kelly, made a comment this past week on his CNBC show saying, “Just because you have bitcoin today, doesn`t mean in 10 or 15 years, bitcoin is going to be the leader.” Mr Kelly went on to compare Myspace, a firm that existed before Facebook.

We continue to approach this new ecosystem or new technologies as the first generation of a series of well-funded and well-researched ideas much like the the 1990s period in the internet. For example, no one could image Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants, nor could they see the future of Tesla or AI back in the 1990s. Even a short-time ago, who saw Uber or Amazon coming?

Tech disrupts Tech again and again. At Classiarius, we believe that in the not-to-distant future, bitcoin could be only be a memory and certainly not a major player. 

We are focused on the next generation of ideas that will come to market in 2020 and beyond. Mr Kelly goes on to talk about ethereum and claims that it might be the next key decentralized platform. Note that ethereum has the augur platform and what is called “proof of stake” which is similar to software mining. Wow, software mining. 

For the next 5 years, Japan will be one of the true leaders in the Asia-Pacific Region for all things crypto and blockchain. Look for new technologies and start-ups to come from Japan or perhaps tie-ups with firms from Zug, to Tel Aviv to San Francisco.

Japan Connect Advisors and Classiarius will be with your along the way.



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