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Big Tech Under Pressure – Antitrust and Monopoly Questions

Big Tech Under Pressure - Antitrust and Monopoly Questions

The tech industry in San Francisco has come under pressure as the concentration of power and the control of information are questioned by the left for the 2020 election. Elizabeth Warren the Massachusetts senator who is seeking the Democratic nomination, released proposals this month that would bring the major tech firms together and break them up into smaller pieces.

The US government forced Microsoft to break up and its CEO was forced to step down. Bill Gates was, at one point in 2000 to 2001 a target for the FBI. They had him in tears according to court records. But anti-trust rulings are few, very few as building businesses into world class corporations is, in the long run, good for all involved. 

But what about big tech firms? President Obama looked at them as progressive, young and smart enough to figure things out for themselves. More importantly, these firms collected data and give it – or sold it – to the US government. So the US government was not going to impede their growth and global reach. 

There have been privacy scandals, but the squeezing of competition is the real issue that the US government cares about. Competition is protected and if a firms hinders it, that firm is on the watch list of the US government. Competition is a core component of capitalism. 

Democrats are now using the 2020 campaign as a platform to bring down these uncontrollable, rich companies that in the reality of the left, do not pay enough taxes. Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon will be under pressure as the far Left of the Democrat party moves on the center and more business-minded part of the party, those who supported Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. 

There is a long history of the state controlling US corporations, but it has been less obvious on the past 30 years or since the late 1980s. However, its back in 2020. 

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