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Beto O`Rourke Apologizes for Sexist Comment, Runs for President

Beto O`Rourke Apologizes for Sexist Comment, Runs for President

Beto O`Rourke has stepped into the mainstream of running for president of the United States but has already, according to several female commentators, made sexist comments that even their grandfathers would not say. He has apologized for this mistake and said he would never do it again.

Former Texas congressman Beto O`Rourke said about his wife Amy, “She is raising, sometimes with my help” their three kids. The comment was quickly tweeted out by the Washington Post and triggered a small group of social media users across the country and people were outraged.

The candidate quickly responded with a deep and sincere apology, saying that “not only will I never say that again, but I will be much more thoughtful in the ways I talk about my marriage.” 

Many in the media had views about these comments, of course suggesting that he feels women should be in the home taking care of children. He did say that his wife was the primary care giver and that he supporter her – when he was not out running for office. It seems that some were outraged but he did apologize for his mistake. 

Despite his comments that seemed to have harmed many women in the US, triggering them over his comments about his wife raising the kids, he has been compared to Bobby Kennedy and even Barack Obama. 

He has been linked to a rock band (I see nothing wrong wit that) and a hacking group in the US, but both incidents were year ago in high school and college. 

The 46 year old O`Rourke has presented himself as “young, casual and progressive” on the campaign trail. Right now the Democrats are not attacking each other but this could soon change. His comments about women might come back to haunt him. 

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