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Bahamas Suffering From Decomposing Bodies and Trauma

Bahamas Suffering From Decomposing Bodies and Trauma

The aftermath of the horrific assault on the 400,000 residents of Bahamas is becoming more shocking as reports now show that hundreds of people, perhaps even thousands, are still missing and believed dead in the wreckage that the hurricane left in its wake. Dorian, the most powerful hurricane ever to pass through Bahamas destroyed infrastructure, including airstrips at local airports and hospitals. Now rescue workers are starting cleanup operations but have reported the smell of decomposing bodies is becoming clear.

According to an article on CNBC, originating on Reuters, the cleanup operations are progressing and official reports are being adjusted, with 30 confirmed dead – however the number could climb  into the thousands in the coming weeks. The optics on this storm are shockingly horrific, some towns and villages are completely destroyed with only broken homes and crushed boats scattered across the landscape.

Chaotic conditions around the island are hampering relief efforts as flights and boats deliver food and water to survivors. A British supply ship with facilities and systems that can turn sea water into drinking water is now distributing water to the public. US Coast Guard, working with the National Emergency Management Agency in the Bahamas, has rescued 295 people since Dorian began. The usual concerns about outbreaks of diarrhea and waterborne diseases are being addressed by a growing list of organization. 



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